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1/2 Pound Bag of Soy Melts

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Each of our soy melts is hand poured in small batches to ensure that the quality of each item is consistent and wonderful through to the very last burn!   Our soy wax is manufactured in the Midwest (much of it comes from soybeans grown right here in Indiana) We are very proud to support Midwestern Farmers by purchasing the wax the they worked so hard to harvest.  Our oils & waxes are all components of the USA....so we like to say that our product is Made in the USA....from the ground up! 

Our 8 oz melts will be natural in color (a very creamy white) unless otherwise noted.  A few select scents will be a darker ivory due to the nature of the oils we use. The melt time will vary per scent.  Some scents are just naturally stronger, therefore you will be able to burn longer.  As with any melt, the best way to get the most burn time out of your melt is to: NOT keep your wax warmer burning 24 hours a day.  Some warmers will get so hot that they will actually burn the scent right out of the melts due to the fact that our melts are made from soy wax, and not paraffin.   

We offer a large variety of scent options in our melts.  Be sure to browse the options.  

Our melts are handmade and made as ordered.  Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.  If you need your melts sooner please contact us directly. 

If you are a retailer and would like information on how you can purchase our candles to sell in our store please email directly and we will email you all of the information!  email: hoosiercandlecompany@gmail.com

If you are a group of organization looking for a wonderful, handmade fundraiser and would like information on how you can take part in our program please email us directly and we will email you all of the information! email: hoosiercandlecompany@gmail.com